Areas of Great Concern When Interviewing a Caterer

As the great wedding day you dreamt about approaches, you need to ensure everything is set for the big day. Besides having the wedding gown safe and ready for the day, you need to think about the refreshments that will make your guests happy. This requires you to think about the quality of the catering services you need that day. Great caterers do not only confirm event details, time and dates, but they also confirm the quality of the services they intend to offer. The caterers you intend to hire for your wedding may make or break the image of your glorious event. For this reason, it’s crucial to interview those offering Yarra valley catering services on the following areas:

Resource and staff

One of the things you may need to confirm during the interview is whether the quotation they give includes the serving staff or not. Besides asking the caterers whether they have served another wedding in the same venue before, you also need if the staff members wear uniforms or not. The guests to staff ratio offered would help you know the quality of services the caterer would provide. You may also wish to know if those offering Yarra valley wedding catering services would hand out flavors, staff cloakroom or even place cards with the names of your guests on their seats.


A couple should not allow a caterer to offer services in their wedding before they know the brands of beverages they serve. It may happen that not all the available beverages will suit your wedding depending on religious or cultural reasons. If you wish to have alcohol supplied on that day, you need to know the preferences of your guests. Even if you had opted for a cheap catering Melbourne has, you should not compromise the quality of the drinks and beverages meant for your guests. One may also wish to know if the caterer would provide extra bar supplies such as fresh lemons and ice as well as refrigeration equipment.

Cake and cutting equipment

A wedding ceremony requires one to have adequate utensils and glassware especially during the cake cutting moment. What you need to know is whether those providing catering Melbourne CBD has now own the utensils or if they use rental ones. If they use rental equipment, you need to know if they charge extra money for cleaning and delivering the equipment. In addition, you need to know whether the caterer will provide knife, cake stand and face and hand towels. Besides discussing about where the cake table will be positioned, seating arrangements and high-table layout, you also need to ask the Yarra valley catering service providers if they charge extra money for accommodating any unexpected guest. Check out Essential Caterer

If couples are not careful, even a huge-budget wedding can end up with tainted legacy due to poor catering services. The reason is the couples don’t take time to interview the caterers on certain areas such as those above. One should also find out if the Yarra valley catering service providers are licensed and insured before sealing a deal with them. This helps one to prove that they are dealing with trained experts, and not with unauthorized individuals.