Banana Breads Make For A Great Breakfast Menu

Did you ever know that making of banana breads can be so simple! Well as described by Maddy Bonnabeaux, banana breads can be made in just 55 minutes in an oven, and the preparation time for the batter is only 10 minutes when you know how to make it. Maddy suggests that making of banana breads is a good solution when bananas in your storage are about to decay, and you are also bored with daily breads. Or you can take a much simpler route to delicious moistened banana bread refreshments. Simply order banana bread Woolworths shops sell to get your favorite banana breads ready in your platter.

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The Pang for Desserts After a Meal

In fact, the urge to have a dessert either in your breakfast or after a meal is felt by almost any person. It’s a natural tendency to soak the taste buds in some sweetness after a meal or just to dive into sweetness while you start your day. Beverages are common ideas, but breads and cakes actually make a plate complete.  Also when you eat breads, you take the daily dose of carbohydrates through it, which satisfies the hunger and releases satisfactory chemicals in the brain too.

Banana Bread is a Healthy Breakfast Option

The banana bread is undoubtedly one of the healthy delicacies, which is great as bread for the aroma, and also nutritious for containing the fruit. Hence adding a few slices of the bread to your breakfast is quite a nice idea. However, if you think making of the bread is a pain for you, or you don’t have enough time or a compatible oven, you simply can get some ready to eat banana bread Woolworths shops have to offer.

The bread itself being sweet does not ask for application of jelly or butter, etc. unless you are too biased to add some. Without applying any bread spread you should be enjoying the original natural aroma and taste of the sweet and fluffy bread.

Other Bread and Dessert Options for Breakfast and a Quick Bite

Other interesting options are pavlova and the scones. The pavlova is a meringue based sweet dish, and the upper crust is crisp while inside is soft and mushy. It is topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream. You may make a pavlova at home. Just search online on how to make pavlova to get some nice recipes, or visit the nearest store to get a recipe book on such desserts.

Another nice option for the breakfast menu you would love is the scones. You make a scone from oatmeal or wheat flour, or may even use barley. It’s lightly sweetened, and egg washed. The breads are raised with baking powder. If you are in search of a good recipe for scones, then you would find some in good recipe books on desserts. Videos on how to make scones are also a good way to know the recipes. Or just like how you get your banana bread Woolworths market has today, you may also get some scones and pavlova from them. Take a look at HTTP://WWW.COUNTRYCHEF.COM.AU/CCPRODUCT/BANANA-BREAD/.

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Learn About the Calories in a Baked Potato

Potatoes, when baked, can be the best fit for your wedding menu, especially when you spice them up homemade fillings. This high quality, healthy, and convenient finger food can be suitable for other occasions as well. Corporate dinners, family parties, and other festive events are just a few examples. All the same, to get started, it is important to know the value of potatoes in terms of calories, especially when they are baked. In that regard, baked potato caterers such as Good Spuds can offer appropriate advice.

Here is a listing of baked potatoes with their calorie content:

Medium, Plain, and baked

This contains about 150 calories. The size is about 3 inches in diameter. In the same potato, you can find 5 grams of fiber, which is one of the requirements for a healthy digestive system. In addition, this recipe for potato is a reliable source of essential minerals and vitamins.

Potatoes contain calories in varying quantities. For example, a medium potato contains up to 130 calories while a large piece, with a diameter of 4 inches, contains up to 275 calories.

Baked potatoes can be served in various ways. Reliable caterers such as Good Spuds can offer more advice on the variety. That implies you have various options to choose from when you work with potatoes.

Medium, Baked, plus butter

This contains about 250 calories. As mentioned earlier, a small potato contains around 150 calories when baked. When butter is added, the calorie count goes up to 250, which means a tablespoon of butter contains about 100 calories. However, when just a little dab of butter is used on a small potato, the calorie count is less than 170. Alternatively, a large baked potato with two tablespoons of butter contains up to 500 calories.

Medium, Baked, plus sour cream

This contains about 210 calories because the sour cream adds about sixty calories. This count is for a medium potato when baked. For a small potato, the calories can go up to 160 when a tablespoon of sour cream is added. A large potato with 3 tablespoons of sour cream can have up to 365 calories when baked in this style. You can add chives as well, but they don’t add any calories to baked potatoes. It is advisable to consult reliable caterers such as Good Spuds on the right fillings you can use when baking potatoes.

Medium, Baked, plus broccoli and cheese

When you choose to bake medium potatoes and add broccoli and cheese sauce, the calorie count could go up to 400. Broccolis are low in calories and good for health. However, cheese sauce is high in calories and can pump between 200 and 300. This count is a medium potato when baked. A large baked piece can have up to 600 calories.

To avoid loading the potato with too many calories, it is advisable to melt away much of the cheese so you can use more steamed broccoli for topping.

With the advice obtained from reliable caterers, you can choose any of the mentioned dishes of potato. Besides, this provider could also help: Business name: Good Spuds

Business Name: Good Spuds
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Areas of Great Concern When Interviewing a Caterer

As the great wedding day you dreamt about approaches, you need to ensure everything is set for the big day. Besides having the wedding gown safe and ready for the day, you need to think about the refreshments that will make your guests happy. This requires you to think about the quality of the catering services you need that day. Great caterers do not only confirm event details, time and dates, but they also confirm the quality of the services they intend to offer. The caterers you intend to hire for your wedding may make or break the image of your glorious event. For this reason, it’s crucial to interview those offering Yarra valley catering services on the following areas:

Resource and staff

One of the things you may need to confirm during the interview is whether the quotation they give includes the serving staff or not. Besides asking the caterers whether they have served another wedding in the same venue before, you also need if the staff members wear uniforms or not. The guests to staff ratio offered would help you know the quality of services the caterer would provide. You may also wish to know if those offering Yarra valley wedding catering services would hand out flavors, staff cloakroom or even place cards with the names of your guests on their seats.


A couple should not allow a caterer to offer services in their wedding before they know the brands of beverages they serve. It may happen that not all the available beverages will suit your wedding depending on religious or cultural reasons. If you wish to have alcohol supplied on that day, you need to know the preferences of your guests. Even if you had opted for a cheap catering Melbourne has, you should not compromise the quality of the drinks and beverages meant for your guests. One may also wish to know if the caterer would provide extra bar supplies such as fresh lemons and ice as well as refrigeration equipment.

Cake and cutting equipment

A wedding ceremony requires one to have adequate utensils and glassware especially during the cake cutting moment. What you need to know is whether those providing catering Melbourne CBD has now own the utensils or if they use rental ones. If they use rental equipment, you need to know if they charge extra money for cleaning and delivering the equipment. In addition, you need to know whether the caterer will provide knife, cake stand and face and hand towels. Besides discussing about where the cake table will be positioned, seating arrangements and high-table layout, you also need to ask the Yarra valley catering service providers if they charge extra money for accommodating any unexpected guest. Check out Essential Caterer

If couples are not careful, even a huge-budget wedding can end up with tainted legacy due to poor catering services. The reason is the couples don’t take time to interview the caterers on certain areas such as those above. One should also find out if the Yarra valley catering service providers are licensed and insured before sealing a deal with them. This helps one to prove that they are dealing with trained experts, and not with unauthorized individuals.

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Four Great Potato Recipe Ideas For Your Next Party!

Potatoes are a staple in most Western cuisines, and for good reason. They can be baked, fried, roasted, grilled, and boiled, making them easy to incorporate into a large number of recipes. A baked potato catering service can offer a variety of dishes that aren’t just delicious but healthy too, so take a cue from them and whip up great potato recipes with our tips below!

baked potato catering

–          Get high-quality potatoes.

You’ll be surprised at how many people think that buying expensive potatoes is a guarantee of quality, but that’s not always the case. As much as possible, inspect each potato yourself before heading to the cashier. That can be hard to do if you’re in charge of a big occasion like an event catering in the Midlands, but once you find a trusted farmer or grocer you won’t have to do it all the time.

–          Want a quick potato snack for kids? Go for baked wedges!

You can make a healthier homemade version of potato fries or wedges by combining olive oil, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper in a plastic bag. Add some potato wedges and shake until all the pieces are evenly covered. Bake until the wedges are a nice golden brown.

For a special touch, chop some fresh parsley and place in a bowl. Sprinkle some freshly grated Parmesan cheese, then place the baked wedges in the bowl and gently toss. This one step will turn your simple wedges into something worthy of being served at a baked potato catering contest!

–          For a no-fail all-around potato dish, try gnocchi.

Potato gnocchi is a popular dish that suits a fancy event catering in Leicester as well as a simple dinner for the family. All you need are some boiled potatoes, which you then mash and season with salt, pepper, and other seasoning of your choice.

Add some egg yolks and Parmesan cheese for texture and taste, and keep a cup or so of flour nearby as you mold the gnocchi to get a smooth base. The flour will remove excess moisture from the gnocchi, allowing you to work it easily into the shapes you desire.

–          If you want something easy and fast, a baked potato is all you need.

Take a cue from GoodSpuds’ baked potato catering specialties by combining one large potato with a filling of your choice. Wrap the potato in foil and bake until soft, then slice crosswise once it’s cooled down a little. Check out Good Spuds

Once you’re done, have fun with the filling! Got some leftover beef or tuna? Whip up some Bolognese or tuna salad! You can also go with cheese, beans, and coleslaw.

You can never go wrong with always having quality potatoes on hand, whether you’re cooking for yourself, the whole family, or supervising something special like a cycling event catering or wedding reception. Luckily, the four ideas above should help if you’re in the mood for something special like gnocchi or need to whip up a batch of potato wedges for a hundred people or more!

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