Discover four major toilet problems

A toilet is an important part of every home.  However, when the toilet is functioning well, rarely do homeowners think about checking any signs of the toilet developing a problem in the future. The truth is that when some problems are abrupt, most problems that toilets develop are as a result of a prolonged negligence by the toilet owners. You can prevent most major toilet problems if you hire a plumber Browns Plains based to check your toilet immediately you notice any abnormality. You should also know the major toilet problems such as:

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Leaky seals

Most toilets have about five seals that can leak.  If any of these seals are leaking, you should check the faulty one and replace or tighten it. The biggest seal is the seal between the bowl and the tank. If this seal breaks, you will experience a greater leak with water splashing out from beneath the tank every time you flush the toilet. To replace the seal, you may have to remove and drain the tank. Then, to facilitate a better access, turn your tank upside down, and take out the existing seal to replace it with a new. Also, the mounting bolts might have smaller leaks that may fail, causing smaller leaks. You may need to hire a plumber Browns Plains based to replace these seals as well.

Weak flush

A weak flush may occur due to blocked holes beneath bowl’s rim. Using a curved wire, poke slowly into every flush hole to get rid of any debris. You can use your coat-hanger, and remember to have a small mirror to enable you see beneath the rim. You may also use a wire to get rid of debris, which might have blocked the siphon jet. Ensure you do not scratch the bowl. If the problem persists consider calling a plumber in Browns Plains to diagnose the problem.


Many homeowners experience clogged toilets. You may attempt flushing your toilet, just to realize that the toilet is not flushing.  You can use different tools to clear a clogged toilet. One of the most effective tools is a plunger. Insert the plunger into the blocked drain and forcefully pump. Release the handle slowly letting little water in to see if the drain clears.  If the drain does not clear, you may need to hire a plumber Browns Plains has to check the toilet.

Phantom flushes

Your toilet might start to refill when no one has flushed it. A Browns Plains plumber is familiar that a phantom flush is a problem that occurs when a toilet cuts off and on its own, or runs intermittently. The culprit is mostly a sluggish leak from the toilet tank to the bowl. This problem is caused by a flapper seat or bad flapper. You can solve this problem by draining the bowl and the tank, clean and check the flapper seat, and in case the flapper is worn out, you replace it.


Some toilet problems are minor and easy to fix on your own. However, you should avoid fixing a problem you are not sure about. Remember you may make the problem worse if you use the wrong tool and methods to fix toilet problems. You can easily find a cheap plumber in Browns Plains to help you with major toilet problems.