How To Spot Signs And Symptoms of Stress

Stress can bring down even the most diligent, ethical and talented employees. This is why the level of stress management Sydney businesses handle today is directly proportional to their level of growth. The better a company’s stress management methods are, the more successful it is. After all, the old cliché “a happy employee is a productive one” rings true even today.

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Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress

As an employer, your responsibility lies not only in growing your businesses but ensuring that your employees are content and stress-free. After all, they’re not only your company’s greatest assets and resources, they’re also people, with real lives and real problems. This is not to say that you should snoop into their personal affairs – simply keeping an eye out for the following signs is sufficient enough.

  • Socially Withdrawn – Introverts are people who like minimal social interaction and are comfortable and happy when left to their own devices. However, if an employee who is usually friendly, cheerful and sociable appears suddenly withdrawn, then that employee might be stressed. If they’re suddenly avoiding people they usually get along with, it might mean internal conflict or even bullying.
  • Rule Breaking – If your employee suddenly starts coming in late, goes AWOL, or breaks other rules, it could be a sign of stress. Individuals who are under stress usually find unhealthy ways to cope like turning to vices, staying in bed all day, lashing out at others, and even self-pity.
  • Low Productivity – A decline in a particular employee’s productivity could be a symptom of stress. If they have personal problems, thinking about those problems while at work can destroy their focus and concentration. They tend to be forgetful and aloof. Stress also renders a person unable to make sound judgments.
  • Sudden Sickness – Sometimes, the level of stress is too great that it manifests itself physically. There are times when employers feel that employees are faking it when they come up with all sorts of excuses for frequent absences like a headache, stomachache, fever and nausea, but Sydney stress management experts say that physical illness is a real symptom of stress.

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The stress management Sydney firms employ should be observed on all levels. It is important for all departments to contribute to lowering stress in the workplace, from the rank and file up to the executive levels.

  • Open Door Policy – Aside from the executive level, the HR department should be the center of stress management in Sydney offices. Think of them as the work version of your high school guidance counselor. Consider employing HR staff with backgrounds in Psychology and Human behavior, and employ an open door policy. Employees should be free to express their concerns to the management without fear of being shunned or reprimanded.
  • Employee-Friendly Rules – Review your business rules and regulations and check if there are certain policies that contribute to the workplace’s stressful environment. This is not to say that you should be lenient, but it’s definitely a bad thing when your employees fear the thought of going to work every day and feel that the entire office is under a dictatorship.
  • Encourage Camaraderie – Apart from curbing negative traits and values, the management should also encourage positive attitudes. Make sure to reward and recognize excellent work, and give avenues for enjoyment for your employees. Celebrate and observe holidays, office parties and team building activities.

While the level of stress management Sydney businesses observe is growing and evolving steadily, it still has a long way to go. However, it’s always a good thing when Sydney Emotional Fitness management acknowledges that work brings stress, and as employers they have to ensure that it is minimized so their employees can perform their duties without distractions or worries. Check out