Learn About the Calories in a Baked Potato

Potatoes, when baked, can be the best fit for your wedding menu, especially when you spice them up homemade fillings. This high quality, healthy, and convenient finger food can be suitable for other occasions as well. Corporate dinners, family parties, and other festive events are just a few examples. All the same, to get started, it is important to know the value of potatoes in terms of calories, especially when they are baked. In that regard, baked potato caterers such as Good Spuds can offer appropriate advice.

Here is a listing of baked potatoes with their calorie content:

Medium, Plain, and baked

This contains about 150 calories. The size is about 3 inches in diameter. In the same potato, you can find 5 grams of fiber, which is one of the requirements for a healthy digestive system. In addition, this recipe for potato is a reliable source of essential minerals and vitamins.

Potatoes contain calories in varying quantities. For example, a medium potato contains up to 130 calories while a large piece, with a diameter of 4 inches, contains up to 275 calories.

Baked potatoes can be served in various ways. Reliable caterers such as Good Spuds can offer more advice on the variety. That implies you have various options to choose from when you work with potatoes.

Medium, Baked, plus butter

This contains about 250 calories. As mentioned earlier, a small potato contains around 150 calories when baked. When butter is added, the calorie count goes up to 250, which means a tablespoon of butter contains about 100 calories. However, when just a little dab of butter is used on a small potato, the calorie count is less than 170. Alternatively, a large baked potato with two tablespoons of butter contains up to 500 calories.

Medium, Baked, plus sour cream

This contains about 210 calories because the sour cream adds about sixty calories. This count is for a medium potato when baked. For a small potato, the calories can go up to 160 when a tablespoon of sour cream is added. A large potato with 3 tablespoons of sour cream can have up to 365 calories when baked in this style. You can add chives as well, but they don’t add any calories to baked potatoes. It is advisable to consult reliable caterers such as Good Spuds on the right fillings you can use when baking potatoes.

Medium, Baked, plus broccoli and cheese

When you choose to bake medium potatoes and add broccoli and cheese sauce, the calorie count could go up to 400. Broccolis are low in calories and good for health. However, cheese sauce is high in calories and can pump between 200 and 300. This count is a medium potato when baked. A large baked piece can have up to 600 calories.

To avoid loading the potato with too many calories, it is advisable to melt away much of the cheese so you can use more steamed broccoli for topping.

With the advice obtained from reliable caterers, you can choose any of the mentioned dishes of potato. Besides, this provider could also help: Business name: Good Spuds

Business Name: Good Spuds