Poor sitting posture: Learn how it can affect your health

 Some people slouch while working at their office desks or walk with hunched backs. The fact is that how you carry yourself particularly your posture has a great health effect. When you unintentionally or intentionally practice poor posture on daily basis, the structure of your body gradually changes and becomes used to it. This may result to pain and misalignment.  One of the greatest causes of poor posture among office workers is poor office chairs and desks. Below are ways in which poor sitting postures can affect your health:

Rounded shoulders

You may have rounded shoulders due to sitting in a bad posture when typing, or doing imbalanced exercise regime that involves too much chest muscle workouts. One of the signs of rounded shoulders is excruciating pain in the back, shoulder and neck. Sitting in a bad posture makes the muscles of your chest to tighten, and your shoulders to revolve forward. Also, the upper back muscle loosens or weakens. You can prevent this problem by making a habit of regularly stretching to help the tight chest muscle to relax. You should also ensure that your office chairs enables you to sit properly.

Hunch back

This happens when your back makes a C- shape above your spinal column. You are supposed to have a straight spine, but it gets curved at the spinal column. One of the major causes of this problem is long hours of sitting in a bad posture, for example, sitting bended over the screen of your computer.  This eventually makes you experience pain in the back, shoulder and neck. The poor sitting postures leads to tightening of your chest muscle that later causes excessive curved back in your thoracic region. Your upper back muscle loosens and weakens later.

Enhances stress and depression

 Constricting your body hinders it from working to its full capacity resulting to a bad mood. When you remain seated for a long period of time, especially in a bad posture, your internal processes becomes slow. This lowers your energy level. You may start felling aggravated, tired, or irritable. Also, slouching makes your body constrict and compress. This eventually forces your lungs and heart to work more hard to circulate oxygen and pump blood.  It may also cause your internal muscles and organs undue stress. To facilitate easier breathing, you should sit upright with your chest and shoulders broad.

Tension headache

Poor posture causes tension headaches. Most office workers usually experience headaches because they put too much strain and tension on their bodies by being sited the whole day. The tension on the spine, shoulders, and neck later finds its way into the head causing tension headache.


Some of the health problems that people experience can be eliminated if they are keen on their sitting postures. Most of the above problems are due to a workstation that is poorly set. You may have monitors and desks that are too high, office chairs that do not offer enough support and computer accessories that are not ergonomically designed to improve comfort.